(Microsoft Store Version)

Per Microsoft Account


Extra Featuers,

One time payment,

Per MS Account

HTML tutorial


(Desktop/Portable Version)

3 Computers


Extra Featuers,

One time payment,

Limited to 3 Computers

中文用户?要想从中国购买,请访问: 数码荔枝 或者 软购商城

Which version should you purchase?

  • If you prefer a more secure download and trusted application source, go with the Microsoft Store version. In addition, If you have any concerns about buying from this site, you will have to choose the Microsoft Store version. In this case, you may need to purchase directly from Microsoft Store.
  • If you want the portable version, or if Microsoft Store is blocked and the only option is the regular version, or if you just prefer regular offline installer, go with the desktop version.

WindowTop is FREE, However, you will not get the best from the free version!

The paid version includes what we call “Pro Features” which will be released over time to people who have the paid version. WindowTop PRO is being purchased by hundreds of people for its advanced Features:

Save window configuration, so no need for example to set window on top manually each time
A better dark mode – see example below
Smart transparency (Opacity Pro) – see example down below
Fast method to pick windows (Faster than ALT+TAB), using Anchors – (NEW from v5.4.0, see video below)
Shrink live preview / PIP Mode (Shrink Pro) – see example down below
Shrink right click menu – see example down below
Shrink/PIP mode – Control the window while it is in PIP/Shrink mode (NEW from v5.2.0, see video below)
Shrink/PIP mode – Automatically move the shrunk window to areas without text or image (NEW from v5.4.0, see video below
Add window to blacklist/whitelist
Eligibility to commercial environment (unlike the free edition)
Ultimate sypport (for the subscription plan)
If you choosed the subscription plan, you will get the best support and we will prioritize your custom requests!

What’s included in the paid version?

NEW! From v5.4.0 we developed new mode for the Shrink/PIP feature! Now it will automatically move the shrunk window to areas without text or image

NEW! From v5.2.0 we developed new mode for the Shrink/PIP feature! Now you can even control the window while it is in PIP mode! See the video below!

More information about this feature and how to use it here

NEW! From v5.4.0 We developed an innovative way to pick a window! It a faster than the ALT+TAB method and can be perfect for touch screens. It may also reduce the need to set window on top because they are too accessible

Watch videos/windows in small view-box while you do your work. You can shrink window and enable for it live preview by right click on the shrink box and select “Enable live preview”.

Get a bigger preview of the window content when the mouse is above the shrink-box, and even enable transparency effect with click-through enabled

Set any window to be dark without affecting the images inside it and automatically disable dark mode the window is already dark (unlike in the free version)
Work on your stuff while you see its results behind using exclusive transparency effect! (* Windows 10 Only)
No need to manually enable every time some feature to the selected window. For example, you can set window on top one time and then WindowTop will automatically set it on top for you when you open the window again
Every window on top will be marked with a red frame so it will be more easy for you to know which window is on top
Every window on top will be marked with a red frame so it will be more easy for you to know which window is on top

Detailed Pricing Table


Functionality / Plan

Set window on top

Set window opacity

Click through transparent


HotKeys for set-top, dark,


Set window dark

Shrink window

Unlock Modern UI (NEW !!)

Mark top-most windows with

red border

Picture in Picture (PIP) mode

for the shrink feature

Resize shrunk window

Smart dark mode

Save window configuration

Exclude window

Support the developer

Suitable for company usage



Limited support + No extra features + No supporting the developer


Only $8.99 – 9.99$

Extra Features + Support + Support the developer 🙂

More Videos

  • Please hover your mouse above the video so it will not slide to the text video while you watching

48 thoughts on “WindowTop Activation Key

    • No,
      It is very hard to develop it so it can’t be free.
      Actually there is even a chance that the price will be higher in the future. 
      5.99$ is low price 🙂

      But you always can use the limited version if you want.

    • Follow these steps:
      1. Right-click on WIndowTop tray icon
      2. Go to “WindowTop Pro” -> Click on the first item
      3. A new window should open. Click on the button “Activate / Buy now”
      4. A small window should open. In this window, you can paste the activation key.
      Paste the activation key and then click on “Activate now”

      At this point, if the key is valid, the program should be activated.


  1. do you plan a tray minimizer function ? if yes, I’ll take without hesitation, I’d like the 2 functions always on top or tray minimizer in the same software

  2. Hello, as you said, the activation license key can be used for up to 3 computers. I’d like to know whether the license can be transferred between devices? I usually work in a VM, and I don’t want to buy a license every time I destroy the VM.

    • Hello, if you use the portable version (not the version you install) you should be safe.
      But please note that in the portable version some of the pro functionality is disabled and it is: dark mode pro and smart transparency
      Other pro functionalities such as the How to watch videos while working (PIP Mode) will be available also in the portable version.

      We plan to add option to remove computers from the activation key so you will able to use it as solution for the installed version.
      For now, if you don’t need the pro functionality that disabled in the portable version, the good option is to use the portable version.

    • Hello,

      1. if you lose your license email, contact us on and if we have a record of your purchase, we will send you the activation key.
      But it is highly recommended to backup the license key for your computer.

      2. We should provide option to remove computer from the license key. For now, there is no such option yet.
      If you want to transfer the license key to another computer, contact us about your request and we will do it for you.

  3. WindowTop is so useful, I use it for SO many things while I’m working.
    I LOVE IT. It’s probably one of my two favorite computer things (the other one is a foot switch/pedal, which means I can make things happen on my computer just by pressing one of the three pedals at my feet).

  4. Does the PRO Version make it possible to define any window of the same program to have sticky settings? Specifically I would like any explorer-window to have alphatransparency…

  5. Moisés Fernández Ballantyne

    I really loved this software. I came across with it because I was trying to solve some issues while streaming on Twitch. I wanted to have my real chat on top of the game, but also, being able to modify transparency and size.

    One thing I’m not sure if its possible: Can you capture an specific part of one window? For example: I would like to capture only the “chat” box of an entire website I’m navigating. It would be interesting if you can “Crop” your selection and then shrink it as a pop up window. Is this possible or it’s not a function implemented on the PRO version?

    Once again, thanks a lot for this amazing software 🙂

  6. Hi, this product is very helpful and is exactly what I was looking for. There is one problem though, when I click the green arrow, no menu comes down. I’m not sure if this is a general problem or a problem on my end. Hoping you could help out, thanks!

    • Yes, it is a bug.
      It was never implemented that way that clicking on it opening the toolbar.
      But it should do it if you click on it.
      So need to fix it.

      Thanks for the report

    • Great!
      The UI is already upgraded from v4.
      What do you expect exactly?
      Can I ask what is the most useful feature for you that helps your productivity?

      Thanks for your feedback!

  7. hello, i just upgraded to the paid version. how can I use the smart dark mode. or, how can i check if i’m using it?

    thank you so much in advance

    • Hello, you first need to enable the button in the toolbar.
      To do it, right-click on the WIndowTop icon in the tray and then Settings–>All Settings.
      In the window that opened, select the toolbar icon.
      There you will see a list of buttons that you can enable/disable.
      Find the “Dark-Dark” option and enable it.
      Now you should have the button enabled.

      Open the toolbar on some windows and you will see the new button.
      When you click on the button, dark mode will be activated.
      You will also see the option “Filter Images”. This option is unchecked by default and will work only on premium mode.
      To enable the “Smart dark mode”, just click on this option.

      If you have more questions/issues, feel free to ask.

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