Anchors is an innovative feature that provides a new concept of switching windows.

  • A floating icon is generated for each window that is not minimized and is fully covered by other windows.
  • If there is content (text/image) below the floating icon, the floating icon automatically moves away from that content. You can turn off this behavior if you want.

How to turn off the auto-move behavior

  • Clicking on the floating icon will bring its corresponding window to the foreground. After doing so, the floating icon disappears until its window becomes covered again.
  • The floating icons also react to the drag-drop operation.
    You can drag a file to the floating icon. This will bring its window to the foreground so you can drag the file to that window.

  • You can quickly minimize or close the windows via their floating icons
    • Mouse right-click: this will minimize the window (*Default)
    • Mouse middle-click (wheel button): this will close the window (*Default)
Mouse right-click will minimize the window
Mouse middle-click will close the window

There is an option in settings to change the behavior for right-click and middle-click (see below under the settings section)

How to configure the anchor’s mouse shortcut behavior

  • Anchors are well integrated with PiP (Picture in Picture) and crop features.
Anchor for PiP window without cropping enabled
Anchor for PiP window with cropping enabled
  • You can adjust the style of the anchors (floating icons) such as reducing their size, etc.

Click here to read more about style configuration

Additional settings

Configure a maximum amount of floating icons

Configure a hotkey for toggling Anchors

Configure the “Preferred location”(Left Side/Right Side/Minimum Movement)

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