WindowTop SW (FREE for Windows 10 – 11) enables you to manage your windows practically and efficiently with several awesome features (See below!)

Always on Top

Easily set window on top and even highlight top-most window with a red frame! You can configure this behavior in settings (frame color, etc).


The reason why you may put a window on top is to get back to it faster.

If this is your case, then Anchors is for you! Instead of using Always-on-Top, just use Anchors! They will help you to access the window with a single click! Faster than ALT+TAB, great for touch screens!

And don't worry, the anchors will not disturb you because they automatically move away from any text/image 🙂

PiP for any window!

Want to watch some video while working?

No problem! Shrink it! It will enable PiP mode.

In addition, you can even interact with the window while it is in PiP/Shrink mode (See the example!)

PiP Auto-Move!

PiP also come with auto-move option!

It will stay away from text/images for you!


Working on something like building a website and want to see your work behind? No problem! Use opacity

Opacity + Click Through

Opacity also includes a feature that allows you to click through a transparent window. This can be useful for designers and graphic artists.

Dark Mode

Working at night? Tired of all the light coming out of the screen and unfortunately, the software does not support dark mode? No problem now!

Note: Unstable in Windows 10

(Stable in Windows 11)


01. Set window on top

Easly set any window on top from the toolbar menu

04. Shrink Window

Innovative way to minimize windows – it will not minimize to the taskbar to keep your taskbar clean as you like. it will make the window smaller so you have the space you need.

03. Dark Mode

Easly set the window to be dark. Useful for coding, and for reading at night. This should ease the eye strains!

02. Set Transparency

Easly set window transparency from the slider in the toolbar menu and instantly see the result

05. Enable Smart-Transparency

Easly set the window to be dark. Useful for coding, and for reading at night. This should ease the eye strains!

6.2. Delete window configuration

Use this option to delete the window configuration so that non of the features will be automatically enabled for the window

06. Other Options

Right click on the arrow

6.1. Save window configuration

Use this option to save the configurations such as Set-Top, Opacity, Dark-Mode If you saved the configuration, the window will automatically have one of these options enabled with the specified configuration