Optimize your productivity by making windows Always-On-Top. By switching windows super fast using Anchors. By using & watching multiple windows at the same time using Picture-In-Picture (PiP) mode and enabling night mode (dark-mode) for any window.

WindowTop is far more than just a one-feature app. It is an advanced utility app with one goal - to make you much more productive during your work!

Always on Top

Easily set window on top and even highlight top-most window with a red frame! You can configure this behavior in settings (frame color, etc).


The reason why you may put a window on top is to get back to it faster.

If this is your case, then Anchors is for you! Instead of using Always-on-Top, just use Anchors! They will help you to access the window with a single click! Faster than ALT+TAB, great for touch screens!

And don't worry, the anchors will not disturb you because they automatically move away from any text/image 🙂

PiP & Crop any window!

Want to watch some videos while working?

No problem! Enable Picture in Picture mode for it! It will enable PiP mode.

In addition, you can even interact with the window while it is in PiP mode and even crop a region (See the example!)

PiP Auto-Move!

PiP also come with auto-move option!

It will stay away from text/images for you!


Working on something like building a website and want to see your work behind? No problem! Use opacity

Opacity + Click Through

Opacity also includes a feature that allows you to click through a transparent window. This can be useful for designers and graphic artists.

Dark Mode

Working at night? Tired of all the light coming out of the screen and unfortunately, the software does not support dark mode? No problem now!

Note: Unstable in Windows 10

(Stable in Windows 11)

Glass Mode

Smart transparency mode enables you to take opacity to the next level! Unlike regular transparency, you can set different opacity levels for the background around the text/controls and the images.

And you can even set the blur level.

Note that this may work slowly on 4K and will work better for NVIDIA GPUs (make use of CUDA feature)

Random 10 Microsoft Store reviews

Very useful, w room to grow.
App's useful for free, but the paid version really unlocks the potential w borders and transparency. Great ADD/ADHD productivity tool, cause you can use it (in conjunction w sticky notes) to basically highlight/draw a rectangle around a chunk of your screen. Once they add the ability to dim the rest of the screen, it'll be perfect!

I use it daily. great work

Very useful.
Very useful...

Amazing-Saved my Twitch Streams
Really solved my need for having a chat for twitch and an activity bar on the same screen. I hated having to look at a second screen to read my chat quickly but Window Top solved that. I bought a license to support such an awesome product THANK YOU!

ayce blue
What I've been lookng for.
Been looking for a solution for PiP and always on top for a long time. This app is perfect. It does exactly what I have been looking for. If I could give it 10 stars I would.

Heartfelt felicitations to grab more users
It's really a cool application which keeps us at peace to have our tasks concentrated. This application facilitates me a lot. Thank you people!

Great app
Love the app and its features.

No Problem
It's simple - easy to use and does exactly what I need it to do. I only use it to temporarily keep a specific window on top for ease of reference, but it does that - no problem

Fabulous - Exceeding our expectations
An awesome feature which facilitates to save an ample time to concentrate on my regular official tasks

Must have app!
I've been playing with this all day and it's so much more than I was looking for and I'm glad I found it. I'm buying it to support the genius developer. Way worth the price! PowerToys is getting uninstalled, this is much better use of my system resources. Keep up the good work Einstein! Thanks for your gift to Windows users.

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