Dark Mode

Dark mode allows you to force any window to be dark. It may come in handy if the window does not have native dark-mode support.

  • The feature makes the window dark by inverting the window colors.
  • The feature automatically stops color inversion when it detects the window is dark.
    For example, if you start browsing a dark website, dark mode detects that the window is already dark and will disable the color inversion effect.
  • The feature also comes with a built-in algorithm to avoid inverting the colors of images ()
    Note that this algorithm will reduce rendering performances so we recommend disabling it for windows that never show images or disabling it anyway if you don’t care that images will be inverted.

Enabling the SET-DARK () button and hotkey

By default, the dark mode button is not shown on the toolbar, and no hotkey is assigned.
To enable it in the toolbar and assign hotkey:

Additional settings

Disable/Enable by default

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