• Implemented: Anchors – Option to hide text for anchors if icons are selected (#181)
  • Implemented: Anchors – Added option “Always show window title for duplicate icons” (#181)
  • Implemented: Anchors – Added option to make the anchors bigger when they most recently used (#181)
  • Improved & Implemented – Anchors – Added preview for the style configuration (#181)
  • Changed: Anchors – Default configuration changed (#181)
  • Optimized: Anchors – The auto position algorithm (for the option “Stay away from text/image”) was optimized and work faster
  • Fixed: Text color makes text very hard to read (#182)


  • Implemented: Drag to window via the anchor (#180)
  • Fixed: click-through mode not saved when saving window configuration (#162)
  • Fixed: System.InvalidOperationException: Process has exited, so the requested information is not available. (#166)
  • Fixed: Windows Apps losing TopMost functionality after going fullscreen (#171)


  • Implemented: Option to disable WindowTop when game-mode detected (#178)


  • Implemented: Anchor feature – option to show the window icon in the anchor
  • Fixed: Issue in shrink->title-bar & anchor features that it failed to show icons of UWP apps
  • Improved: Added another gif preview for the set-top feature under the quick settings page
  • Changed: Few default settings (such as default font size) in the anchor feature changed, and by default it will show the window icon


  • Implemented: Option to configure the border visibility settings (color and width) of top-mode (#172)
  • Implemented: logic to suggest rating the app


  • Implemented: Auto & Self update for the store version – The app will now able to update itself without any extra effort (#176)

v5.7.2 (Microsoft Store only)

  • Implemented: Auto & Self update – The app will now able to update itself without any extra effort (#176)


  • Fixed: Issue that user can reset the trial in UWP version and the desktop version


  • Implemented: Wizard window that helps you to get started (see below)
  • Improved: Now in the Settings -> Getting Started screen, you have quick start settings (see below)
  • Unlocked: Highlight topmost windows feature – now the option available for free
  • Changed: 30 days trial will start automatically on the first run

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