• Fixed: bug with very small windows.


  • Added: option to save window configuration.
  • Fixed: critical bug – the hotkeys reset to default after. restart if the user disabled them.
  • Fixed: the dark mode may not always work.
  • Fixed: other bugs.



  • Fixed: critical memory leak bug in when Opacity Pro is enabled.


  • Fixed: the renderer module (that is the pro features – Opacity Pro and Dark Mode Pro) not working properly on more than 1 monitors.
  • Improved: the renderer module is running more stable when user resize the window.
  • Fixed: potential other bugs in the renderer module.
  • Fixed: when Dark Mode Pro is enabled and the window is already dark, the renderer module disabling the display layer for the window even if the user enabled Opacity Pro mode for the window. as a result, Opacity Pro is not working in this case.
  • Optimized: small optimization in the image processing algorithms (in the renderer module). as a result, the Opacity Pro and Dark Mode Pro will work more smoother.


  • Added: Opacity Pro – extremely advanced opacity mode that allow to set different transparency levels for 3 recognized elements in the window – backgrounds , texts & shapes and images. (Based on image processing algorithm that detect texts, images, background)
    This feature is new and currently (in this version) is designed to work only on Windows 10.
  • Fixed: Google Chrome window displayed as black square when it is shrinked.
  • Fixed: “white squares” bugs in the dark mode feature.
  • Fixed: other bugs.


  • Fixed: Critical bug – software settings are not saved in some cases.
  • Fixed: The price of the pro version was not displayed.
  • Fixed: Lots of bugs and instability problems.


  • Improved: image recognition algorithm of Dark Mode Pro.
  • Reduced installer filesize back to normal size.


  • Added: Dark Mode Pro v0.1.0 BETA – Based on image recognition & manipulation algorithm, it will not invert the colors of the images in the window.
    in addition, it will automatically know when to invert the color and when not – it will invert the colors only when the screnn is not dark. Dark Mode Pro will work also on metro apps.
  • Added: Warning massage about the “click through” feature.
  • Removed: Default Hot-Key for “click through”.
  • Fixed: Other bugs.


  • Fixed: Hard crash bug when DPI set to more than 100%


  • Fixed: Hard crash bug when DPI set to more than 100%
  • Fixed: Other bugs
  • Fixed: Bug in “dark mode” feature


  • Fixed: “shrinked windows –> Minimize to taskbar” not working when DPI set to more than 100%
  • Fixed: “Disable Shrink mode for all windows” not working when DPI set to more than 100%
  • Fixed: Other bugs