• Fixed: CRITICAL BUG: “check for updates” working only on the first run.



  • Fixed: small bug


  • Removed: unused code
  • Added: hidden settings that will be available from “Toolbar options…” on next versions.
  • Huge optimization: the software will consume much less CPU and RAM usge and will work much faster¬†than before.
  • Fixed hidden bugs
  • Dropped support for 32bit due to serious problems.



  • Added: “Toolbar options …” – ability to customize how the toolbar look – You can set how much buttons to disblay, and set the toolbar background color.




  • ¬†Fixed: bug dynamic background color – the toolbar not always create with the average color of the window.
  • Improved: shrink feature: the thumbnail-box will no longer create exactly above other thumbnail-box.
  • Improved: shrink feature: the thumbnail-box will remember it’s position and show again on that position.
  • Fixed: the “SPACE” key was missing in the hotkey settings.
  • Fixed: shrink feature & dark mode: when the dark mode is enabled and the user shrink the window, the gui-layer for the dark mode is not removed.


* Fixed: the hotkey “Enable/Disable “Click Through” mode for all transparent windows” – is disabling the shrink mode (if it is active)
* Added: HotKey for shrinking windows
* Fixed: Bug in shrink mode