• Improved: Modern Menu – Remove the need to install .NET Core Desktop Runtime (Issue #52)
  • Improved: Remove the need to install Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for the Smart Transparency & Dark Mode Pro effects
  • Improved: Chinese translation
  • Fixed: Modern Menu – UI bug when windows not displayed in dark mode


  • Added: Add option to customize what buttons/features to show in the toolbar menu [Issue #15]
  • Fixed: Window disappears if opacity is disabled while click-through is enabled [Issue #37]
  • Fixed: WSLtty ‘forgets’ opacity setting on focus [Issue #35]
  • Fixed: Applications that allow the Window.Topmost property to be configured internally make Windowtop behave strangely [Issue #34]
  • Fixed: RDP session windows set on top by default [Issue #33]
  • Fixed: Shrunk window get lost when switching from dual monitor to one monitor [Issue #16]



  • Hotkeys not working when disabling WindowTop toolbar [Issue #32]
  • Shrink Pro – Sometimes the live preview is not working when using dual monitors [Issue 31]
  • Sometimes the program crash on line 6031 in v3.4.5 when closing shrunken window [Issue 30]
  • Sometimes when using Shrink feature, the toolbar menu no longer available in some cases [Issue 29]
  • bug: crash, Subscript used on non-accessible variable when using Groupy software [Issue 17]
  • Issue on dual monitor configuration when DPI scaling is not the same for each monitor [Issue 9]

How to watch videos while working (PIP Mode)

Do you want to watch your favorite content while working?
In case you have one screen, you are lack of options unless you using WindowTop Shrink feature.

The shrink feature in WindowTop unlocks the ability to enable PIP mode (Picture in Picture mode) for any window.

Let us see some good video that shows you this:

Before you can use this Shrink feature as shown in the video, you need to start 30 days trial or activate WindowTop (The free version of this feature is very limited)
After you are done with that, you can start enjoying this feature!

Activating the Shrink mode / PIP mode without hotkey

To activate the Shrink mode, move the mouse above the window and click on the “Shrink” button as shown in the gif below:

Activating the Shrink mode / PIP mode using a hotkey

To activate Shrink mode with a hotkey, press ALT + Q.

You can change the hotkey at any time via hotkey settings:

Resizing the shrinked window

You can resize the window as shown in the gif below:

Making the shrinked window to be “ghost”

Until now we ware able to only use the space on the screen to view the video. But the space on the screen taken by the shrinked window does still not allow us to work on that space.

For this comes handy the 2 other features – the opacity and click-through features.

With the opacity, you can see at once the videos and the content behind the video, and with the click-through feature, you can work on that space behind the video.

  1. Resize the shrinked window

At this point, a warning will pop up, saying that the window will not be responsible. Instead, you will not be able to interact with the window but only with the content behind the window.

This is normal since this is what we want here so click the OK button to continue.

As you can see, now you can watch your favorite video while working on the space that the shrinked video takes.