How to watch videos while working (PIP Mode)

Do you want to watch your favorite content while working?
In case you have one screen, you are lack of options unless you using WindowTop Shrink feature.

The shrink feature in WindowTop unlocks the ability to enable PIP mode (Picture in Picture mode) for any window.

Let us see some good video that shows you this:

Before you can use this Shrink feature as shown in the video, you need to start 30 days trial or activate WindowTop (The free version of this feature is very limited)
After you are done with that, you can start enjoying this feature!

Activating the Shrink mode / PIP mode without hotkey

To activate the Shrink mode, move the mouse above the window and click on the “Shrink” button as shown in the gif below:

Activating the Shrink mode / PIP mode using a hotkey

To activate Shrink mode with a hotkey, press ALT + Q.

You can change the hotkey at any time via hotkey settings:

Resizing the shrinked window

You can resize the window as shown in the gif below:

Making the shrinked window to be “ghost”

Until now we ware able to only use the space on the screen to view the video. But the space on the screen taken by the shrinked window does still not allow us to work on that space.

For this comes handy the 2 other features – the opacity and click-through features.

With the opacity, you can see at once the videos and the content behind the video, and with the click-through feature, you can work on that space behind the video.

  1. Resize the shrinked window

At this point, a warning will pop up, saying that the window will not be responsible. Instead, you will not be able to interact with the window but only with the content behind the window.

This is normal since this is what we want here so click the OK button to continue.

As you can see, now you can watch your favorite video while working on the space that the shrinked video takes.


How to make your IDE or Code Editor with transparent background

Are you a web developer, or maybe some programmer that wants a little more nice background for the IDE other than the boring black or white?
Or maybe you want to see your website while viewing the code on the same screen?

If the answer to one of these questions is Yes, this guide is for you!

Few images that show you what you will get:


Before we begin, we need to make sure that you have:

NVIDIA GPU with CUDA support

מכירת מוצרי מותג NVIDIA מ ₪787 בחנות מקוונת TopMarket ישראל.

In order that this transparency feature will work well, WindowTop makes use of the NVIDIA graphics card with Cuda support. 
All modern NVIDIA graphics cards have Cuda support.

To know if your GPU support Cuda, please refer to:

WindowTop Pro v3.4.5 or newer

Only from version v3.4.5 the transparency feature should be well developed and can be used in daily usage.
This feature is included only if WindowTop is activated so you will have to buy it or you can start 30 days trial for FREE 

Windows 10 version 2004 or newer

You will have to update Windows 10 to version 2004 or newer in order that this feature will work. Currently, to get this update you need to be part of the Windows Insider plan, or you can just wait until the end of this month because this update is planned to release on May 2020.

If you want to get this update now, please follow the guide:

Note that it is not recommended to update Windows 10 to update that not yet officially released.

WindowTop is configured correctly

before you start, you need to make sure that the “Aero” feature is enabled:

And that it uses NVIDIA GPU acceleration for this feature:

Both check box must be selected

After you verified that the configurations are correct you can start to use this feature on text/code editor.

Enabling Transparency

1. Open your IDE / Text Editor
2. Move the mouse to the top of the window

3. Click on the “Aero” icon

You will see that the window will now look like this:

Adjusting Transparency

You can adjust a few transparency parameters as needed. 

The most used parameters are

Blur Level

Brightness Level


Dark Background

You may also want to use other parameters such as the text parameter to reduce the brightness of the text.

Configuring Transparency HotKey

You may want to enable/disable this effect using a hotkey. 

To do this follow the steps:

  1. Right-click on WindowTop tray icon
  2. Click on: 
  1. Configure the hotkey for example like in the image

To enable the effect on any window, press the hotkey you configured.
To disable the transparency effect on the window, press the hotkey again.


  • Added: HotKeys for dark mode and aero mode [GitHub Issue 12]
  • Added (For pro version only): Option to add a window to blacklist/whitelist so WindowTop will be disabled for the window. (GitHub Issue 2)
  • Fixed: Issue that Microsoft Edge and few other browsers stopped to be on top after some time. WindowTop will now check for every window if stopped to be on top and in such a case it will reset the window to be on top. (GitHub Issue 14)


  • Fixed: bug on 4k resolution that the arrow menu did not show when the window was not maximized

Fixes for pro version only

  • Fixed: bug on 4k resolution with the on Shrink mode that the big preview that shows when the mouse is above the shrink box was very small 
  • Fixed: compatibility issue with Groupy software that when the window is maximized, the arrow menu bar does not show
  • Fixed: compatibility issue with Groupy software with Shrink-Pro mode – when doing un-shrink on a tabbed window, the window loses the tab view
  • Fixed: compatibility issue with Groupy software with Shrink-Pro mode – when shrinking maximized window in a tab view, Groupy tabs still showing
  • Fixed: compatibility issue with Groupy software with Shrink-Pro mode – when shrinking & unshrinking window that viewed as tab, the window gets out of the tab list



In this release, the dark-mode pro, and aero (opacity pro) features will not work properly if you running it on Windows 10 with OS Build before 18894. Your OS Build should be at least 18894 in order that these features will work properly.

For now, the only way to get such OS Build is to be a member of Windows Insiders Program.

Release Notes

  • Fixed: Crashes when using shrink mode with enabling/disabling the aero/dark mode
  • Fixed: Random crashes when enabling/disabling aero/dark mode