• Implemented (#94): Support deployment as UWP app to Microsoft Store, including also using Microsoft Store activation & purchase system (instead of activating using product key)
  • Implemented: Feature Request: Keyboard shortcut to toggle anchors (#123)
  • Fixed: Window restored after minimizing it when Shrink enabled before (#124)
  • Fixed: Already-transparent background in a program turns black upon enabling click-through feature (#120)


* Fixed: Sometimes the program does not exit (#113)
* Fixed: Issue that there was missing translations for “Window anchors” under ProVsFreeTableControl.xaml
* Fixed: Anchors feature: When dynamic opacity enabled, the anchors opacity never get to 100%
* Fixed: Issue that anchors was showing for hidden UWP windows
* Improved: Auto move algorithm that used for Shrink mode and Anchors feature. Now it should less happen that it will move the anchor to above text
* Fixed: Bug with the auto move algorithm that causing task manager to freeze
* New Feature: Pick any window behind another window using anchors (#103)
Added: New option in the Shrink mode that will allow auto moving the shrinked window when it covers text/image (#108)
* Fixed: Few bugs with multiple virtual desktops



  • Fixed/Optimized: Dark mode effect works slow on 4K resolution (#19)
  • Developed: Make WindowTop run as Admin to allow controlling also “Admin” windows (#70 )
  • Developed: Option to configure customizable preview size for shrink window (#76 )
  • Developed: Options to enable/disable hotkey notifications for set-top and click-through features (#84)
  • Developed: Option to set default Window Opacity rate globally (#61 )
  • Fixed: Opacity percentage resets upon exit (#27)
  • Added: German language to the UI (#87)
  • Changed: Shrink: Interact mode: Implemented logic to make bigger offset for the big preview when mouse interact enabled
  • Fixed: Shrink: Interact: Fixed bug with interact mode that the hidden window sometimes moved to be above the taskbar
  • Changed: Dark Mode: Changed default settings to disable filter images by default and added a notification to enable the option only when needed



  • Fixed: Toolbar – Fixed bug that after disabling the interactive mode via the toolbar, the button still shows as selected
  • Fixed: Bug that when the program starts by windows, dark-mode and glass-mode fail to work (#86)
  • Fixed: Shrink feature – Fixed bug that the bigger preview not showing on the small shrink-box when DPI is high
  • Fixed: Shrink feature – Fixed bug that the bigger preview was showing also when the shrink-box was a little big

WindowTop v5 has been released!

After a lot of work of rewriting the whole software in C# (Instead of AutoIt as before), we finally happy to announce the next big version of WindowTop!

What new in v5.x.x?

1. Modern UI is now everywhere!

In v4, we introduced a new modern toolbar. but the old UI was still there.

From v5, we get a fresh UI:

New modern tray menu:


Modern Shrink context menu:


New modern settings window:


2. More hotkeys

The following hotkeys added:

  • Shrink all non minimized windows
  • Minimize all shrunk windows to the taskbar
  • Disable Shrink mode for all windows
  • Minimize all windows

List of all hotkeys:

3. More macros


  • Untop all windows
  • Minimize all windows

All macros that affects all Windows listed here:


Any of these options can also have hotkey.
You can configure hotkey via the hotkeys page under settings page

4. Improvements for the Shrink feature

Fixed bugs that you see “Shrink box” in the program switcher (When you press ALT+TAB).
In the old version you see it here:


In the new version, you will no longer see the shrink-box when you do alt+tab
In addition, the Shrink feature works much faster and better.

5. Better dark/reading mode and Glass mode

In v5, the dark/reading mode will work faster and consume less CPU power due to optimizations we made

More configurations

Added option to enable/disable the filter images option for dark-mode and glass effects:


This is usefull to improve performences

6. And much more other improvements!

There is no way I can document 5 months of work 🙂
There are more other improvements that I may forgot to list.