New Features / Improvements

  • [PiP + Mouse Interact Mode] Implemented feature to show preview also of the mouse pointer (#249)

This feature will help a lot when you want to control the PiP window while it is tiny because you see what you are doing, thanks to the advanced preview that also shows the mouse pointer.

You can enable/disable this feature via the INTERACT options under the toolbar:

The option is “Enable read mode,” and when checked, you will get this behavior.

By default, the option is enabled. You can disable/enable this option via PiP settings:

  • Added option to configure PiP auto move in quick settings/wizard
  • Implemented saving more specific PiP configurations

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue that sometimes the app freezes when using hotkeys
  • Fixed issue that sometimes HotKeys are not working for shrunk/PiP windows (#247)
  • Fixed old regression bug that the fatal exception handler did not work


  • Rename the feature “Shrink” to “PiP”

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