WindowTop & Autoit

Recently blacklisted the domain, users who entered the website saw a red message that says that the website contains harmfull programs.

In addition, black listed the website from search results.

We can’t fully blame google. The problem here is that the program is written in Autoit and it is known issue with Autoit compiled executables

Many antivirus products tend to flag AutoIt executables because unfortunately, many malware developers are using AutoIt to develop viruses.

Read more at the following links:

And still, Google.COM shouldn’t block blacklisted WindowTop from search result and flag the program because of the simple fact that the program is almost clean according to VirusTotal and other services.

Scan of “”:

Scan of “WindowTop – 64bit setup.exe”:

Scan of “WindowTop.exe”:

Scan of “WindowTopHelper.exe”:

While these ware the results of the scans, Google still blocked the website.

They did not notify me for a whole month about this, when I requested their support, their response was that there is no support.
They ware unable to admit about their mistake!

As a result, google chrome is banned from download the program.
If you want to download it, you can download with a different browser or from

In addition, I submitted the source code on and you can look here:

If you don’t believe that the program is clean, just don’t download it and search for an alternative 🙂