Recently, Google started to block the website because it disturbed the AutoIt compiled script that is the WindowTop program. I forced to no longer distribute the program on this website because there is no Google support.

There is nothing bad with the program itself. it is just the fact that it compiled with Autoit.

Lots of Antivirus products tend to flag any Autoit compiled script because of the bad fact that many malware is written in Autoit.

Because of technical reasons, it is pretty hard for Antivirus scanners to analyze malware written in Autoit.

Sources of other cases

As a result, many Antivirus products tend to flag Autoit executables.

However, this was not the case with WindowTop program.
According to virus scan services such as, up to 3 Antiviruses of 80 ware flagged the program as malware, and this was the case with any version, including the version that Google Chrome and Google blocks.

Why did Google decide to block WindowTop and call it “harmful program” despite the fact most AVs detect it as clean? I don’t know. there is no official response from Google.

Just go here for example (first link in the list above):
It is totally not the first case.. it just that if your program is written In AutoIt and get too much popular, you WILL reach the point where Google will block you. it is just a matter of time.

The AutoIt language is just BANNED by google. You will not find any official documentation about it. but it is true. They will block you if you will distribute AutoIt EXE.

Anyway, I was not intended to fight against Google and blame them.
But it is too bad that this is how it works now and no one is doing something about it.

And I have nothing to hide. The source code of Autoit is available now on