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WindowTop is a free SW, However, you can get much more from the pro edition

WindowTop PRO edition is being purchased by hundreds of people for its advanced Features:

  • Save window configuration, so no need to enable the conf. manually each time
  • Smart dark mode – see example below
  • Smart transparency (OpacityPro) – see example down below
  • Eligibility to commercial environment (unlike the free edition)


Only for 5.5$, You can use the key unlimited number of times on your computers, The key has no expiration time


Comparison between the PRO and free versions

WindowTop FREE



Buy Activation Key

Not allowed for commercial environment Allowed for commercial environment
Save window configuration is not supported Save window configuration is supported

No need to manually enable every time some feature to the selected window.

Simple transparency

Smart transparency

Simple dark mode
Smart dark mode
No new big features are expected More features to come ...


Coming soon (Only for WindowTop Pro)

Thank you so much for supporting WindowTop! You allowed the development of the next improvement called

  • Shrink Pro

With Shrink Pro you will able to resize the Shrinked window (The box you see when you shrink) and the really good stuff is to see live preview of the window, and of course – this is while the actual window is not shown on the taskbar and anywhere else. That’s the idea after all.

There is small video that show this.. You will have to wait some time but it is coming and almost done. I just need to do more QA work and little more touches to make it perfect.

In versions 3.0.X:

  • Opacity Mode is now called Aero Mode / Smart Aero
  • Added a blur slider to adjust the level of the Aero effect on an entire window
  • Brightness – Control the intensity of the light behind the window. If the background behind the window is very bright, you can decrease the brightness intensity so that the text will be more noticeable
  • Massive performance boost – Up to x3 faster and smoother on Full HD resolutions!
  • On Aero Mode, texts now render sharper and are no longer black-or-white only
  • Lots of other under-the-hood changes and quality improvements
  • Show desktop only option

Read more here

What’s included in the PRO version?

Dark Mode




With the help of a very unique algorithm – Opacity Pro doesn’t provide just a simple opacity functionality.
It’s smart and knows to differentiate between what is important and what is not. It does so by processing every pixel of the window, and checking which ones are a part of a shape, image or background. Then, WindowTop divides the pixels into 3 layers:
Layer 1 – Backgrounds
Layer 2 – Texts / Shapes
Layer 3 – Images

Finally, the user has full control over the layers, and can set a transparency level for each layer.

In the following screenshot, we’ve enabled WindowTop’s Opacity Pro on a Visual Studio window, and set the transparency level of Layer 1 to the minimum.

Note that to get the best results, it’s recommended to set the window to dark.

(click to see in full screen)

As you can see – It done perfect job in this case! Note that if you want to get the best result, set the window to be dark.


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