WindowTop Activation Key


The activation key will automatically be sent to your email address after the purchase.

If you’re not receiving the email, please check your spam folder to be sure that our emails are not being detected as spam.
In the unlikely event that the email is not there, contact us and we will send you the activation key manually.

The activation license key can be used for up to 3 computers.
If you need to use it on more computers, you need to order more than one activation key.

By proceeding you agree to the following:

  • No liability for any damage.
  • We will send you the Key to your email that linked to your PayPal account.




WindowTop is FREE. However, you will not get the best from the free version!

The PRO version includes what we call “Pro Features” which will be released over time to people who have the PRO version.

WindowTop PRO is being purchased by hundreds of people for its advanced Features:

  • Save window configuration, so no need for example to set window on top manually each time
  • A better dark mode – see example below
  • Smart transparency (Opacity Pro) – see example down below
  • Shrink live preview (Shrink Pro) – see example down below
  • Shrink right click menu – see example down below
  • Eligibility to commercial environment (unlike the free edition)

What’s included in the PRO version?



Watch videos/windows in small view-box while you do your work

You can shrink window and enable for it live preview by right click on the shrink box and select “Enable live preview”.

See the video below:



Every window on top will be marked with a red frame so it will be more easy for you to know which window is on top

Any top most window will be marked with a red frame




(Windows 10 only)

View your code while you see it results behind!





Save window configuration

No need to manually enable every time some feature to the selected window.


8 thoughts on “WindowTop Activation Key

    • No,
      It is very hard to develop it so it can’t be free.
      Actually there is even a chance that the price will be higher in the future. 
      5.99$ is low price 🙂

      But you always can use the limited version if you want.

    • Follow these steps:
      1. Right-click on WIndowTop tray icon
      2. Go to “WindowTop Pro” -> Click on the first item
      3. A new window should open. Click on the button “Activate / Buy now”
      4. A small window should open. In this window, you can paste the activation key.
      Paste the activation key and then click on “Activate now”

      At this point, if the key is valid, the program should be activated.


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