• Implemented: Shrink feature – Feature to reflect the mouse cursor in Shrink interact mode (#104)
  • Implemented: Shrink feature – Feature of title bar with the window name when the Shrink mode enabled (https://github.com/BiGilSoft/WindowTop/issues/104#issuecomment-928074943)
  • Implemented: Shrink feature – Option to select text from Shrink mode. When the mouse is above text, dragging will be disabled and instead, you can select the text (https://github.com/BiGilSoft/WindowTop/issues/104#issuecomment-927273389)
  • Implemented: Shrink feature – Option to disable dragging at all (Allow it only via title bar). When dragging is disabled, you can really use the window as it is in full size from Shrink mode
  • Fixed/Improved: Shrink feature – Scrolling will now work better. It will no longer send key-up / key-down when you scroll up / down (See under 2. in https://github.com/BiGilSoft/WindowTop/issues/104#issuecomment-931762242)
  • Fixed: Shrink feature – Bug in the logic to recover hidden windows (If you shrink, the original window is hidden) in case the program crash. The issue was that these windows that recovered were still invisible due to very low opacity
  • Fixed: Shrink feature – Bug that sometimes after un-shrink maximized window, the window is almost in offscreen position (out of the screen)
  • Fixed: Shrink feature – Fixed issue in Shrink interact mode that when clicking on it, the window became inactive for 0.1-2 seconds
  • Fixed: (Possible fix) – General bug that the program may freeze due to usage of System.Timers.Timer. It was replaced with System.Windows.Threading.DispatcherTimer in any area where we render UI
  • Fixed: Shrink feature – Old regression that if you Shrink the window and then exit the program, the program will not un-shrink the window
  • Implemented: Global exception handler. The software will almost never crash, instead, it will show the full exception (fatal error) and suggest the user report the fatal error to the developer, and also even suggest to continue running the program (#151)
  • Fixed: (Possible fix) – General bug that the program may freeze due to usage of Dispatcher.Invoke() Instead of Dispatcher.BeginInvoke(). Now it will only use Dispatcher.BeginInvoke()
  • Fixed: (Possible fix) – Fixed compatibility issue with Windows 11 that sometimes WindowTop caused to dragging lags in the OS (#149 , #131). The fix is to avoid using Win32 function SetWindowCompositionAttribute()

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