• Added: Add option to customize what buttons/features to show in the toolbar menu [Issue #15]
  • Fixed: Window disappears if opacity is disabled while click-through is enabled [Issue #37]
  • Fixed: WSLtty ‘forgets’ opacity setting on focus [Issue #35]
  • Fixed: Applications that allow the Window.Topmost property to be configured internally make Windowtop behave strangely [Issue #34]
  • Fixed: RDP session windows set on top by default [Issue #33]
  • Fixed: Shrunk window get lost when switching from dual monitor to one monitor [Issue #16]



  • Hotkeys not working when disabling WindowTop toolbar [Issue #32]
  • Shrink Pro – Sometimes the live preview is not working when using dual monitors [Issue 31]
  • Sometimes the program crash on line 6031 in v3.4.5 when closing shrunken window [Issue 30]
  • Sometimes when using Shrink feature, the toolbar menu no longer available in some cases [Issue 29]
  • bug: crash, Subscript used on non-accessible variable when using Groupy software [Issue 17]
  • Issue on dual monitor configuration when DPI scaling is not the same for each monitor [Issue 9]