Coming soon – Much better transparency effect for WindowTop Pro

Next releases will include a better transparency effect (or what we call – the “Aero” effect feature) and a better dark-mode effect.

The improvements are:

  • Higher Performance – Thanks to new API in Windows 10, we ware able to achieve better performance for both effects. The improvement can be very noticeable. We tested the dark-mode feature our computers and the difference was from 20FPS to 40FPS.

    In addition, unlike the new version uses the NVIDIA graphics card for accelerating the performance.

    If you have NVIDIA graphics card with CUDA capability, the software will use it to optimize the performance.
  • The Aero effect will look much better if you have an NVIDIA graphics card – We developed a better algorithm for processing the smart transparency effect (Aero).

    You will see fewer artifacts and more text/shapes will render better
  • The smart transparency effect (Aero) will work much better when you move the window around.



For now, these improvements are available only for beta versions. The improvements are available in version v3.4.0 beta and above

Download Now

Note – Windows 10 Build 18894 and above!

In this release, the dark-mode pro, and aero (opacity pro) features will not work properly if you running it on Windows 10 with OS Build before 18894. Your OS Build should be at least 18894 in order that these features will work properly.

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