WindowTop v3.2.0 is available here:


  • Added: Option to mark any top-most window with red frame (Pro only)
  • Fixed: User can’t drag the arrow toolbar after the first attempt (works only on the first time)
  • Fixed: Sometimes when dark-mode activated and the user closed the window, the dark-mode still runs even if the window closed
  • Fixed: Arrow toolbar does not show at the center on the window
  • Fixed: Other bugs


WindowTop v3.2.0 is available here:


  • Added: Shrink – Live preview mode for the Shrink feature (Pro only)
  • Added: Shrink – Right click menu with the following options:
    • Close window
    • Minimize to taskbar
    • Enable live preview
    • Keep scale ratio
  • Added: Shrink – Resize shrinked window
  • Fixed: Bug when enabling dark mode on the window that maximized at the external monitor
  • Fixed: When you shrink a “set on top” window and then unshrink it, the window doesn’t remain on top and you have to
    press ALT+z twice to restore it.
  • Improved: visual studio redistributable 2017 is no longer required to use dark-mode pro and opacity pro.
  • Added: In case you shrinked some window and the program crash with a fatal error, any window that shrinked get “lost”(hidden).
    In this case, the program will have the second process that will recover these windows and continue running.
  • Improved: Stability of the program. Less chance of fatal error crashes