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    CPU – 8750H gets 100% CPU utilization with the following configuration.

    Twitch stream bottom layer
    Microsoft word on top with aero enabled

    Is there anything I can do to reduce the CPU Utilization?

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    100% CPU usage should not occur, Thanks for the report.
    It is known that this effect can be very heavy on the CPU and I will keep try to reduce the CPU utilization on next versions but I can’t guarantee that this problem will be solved.

    It is impotent to note that this effect was not designed to be very fast and to use low CPU. it is mostly designed to allow you work like this:

    Usually it should not be 100% CPU usage. it is too much.. but probably it will take about up to 50-60% CPU. In this case, it might be ok if you are not using laptop and it help your productivity. This is not the same story for the Dark Mode Pro. the Dark Mode effect use much less CPU because the algorithm does not need to do much work as the first effect. but still, if you using laptop and you care about CPU and battery, then there is nothing I can do. just don’t use both effects..

    The free version of the dark mode effect consume much less CPU because there is no algorithm that try to figure out what areas in the window that should not be inverted so the free version of the dark mode is fine for laptop. but again, you will see it like this:

    If the Aero effect is not the only reason why you interested in buying WindowTop, then we are happy to inform you that next paid version will include “Shrink Pro” feature.
    The Pro version of this feature will come with:
    * Live preview of the shrinked window – In the free version when you shrink the window to small box, the small box display image of the window. the image is not updated in realtime. In the pro version, the image will be updated in real time
    * You will able to resize the the small box that display the window

    This version is expected to be released in the coming days.

    See the video:

    This feature will not require lot of CPU because there is no image processing algorithm involved and Windows itself natively generate the live preview. The program just use API call to Windows (supported from Windows Vista) that use your GPU / VRAM memory to render the preview. it will be 100% natively.

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    After thinking about it, I have solution for the problem in both – dark mode & aero modes.

    The program is written in Autoit but these effect written in WindowTopHelper.exe that written in C++.
    If you use the pro version, the program use the C++ implementation of these effects. so it should use less CPU if I will add option to disable some filters in the effects.

    Some users use the dark mode effect in applications that does not display images at all.. Same goes for the Aero effect – if you use it on code editor – most likely that it will not show you images. So you should disable the filter that detect images in the pixels and it should be fine and still better because it is done on C++.

    This will completely solve the problem in the dark mode effect because the main reason why it take some CPU is the filter that detects images and it will partly solve the problem in the aero effect. This is true in case you use one of these effects in application that not show images so you could disable the filter.

    I will add option to disable this filter (Image detection filter)

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    Good news, there is a solution. the problem can be solved

    1) Develop re-implantation of the aero effect in the Pro version. The new implantation will boost the performance by 500% or more and massively reduce CPU usage – will make use of native dwmapi functions to render the blur effect, and the background around the text (To help solve this problem http://windowtop.info/forums/topic/100-cpu-utilization/ ) [Pending]


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