Beta Versions


      • Fixed: critical rendering bug in the aero feature


      • Opacity Mode is now called Smart Aero
      • Aero Mode
        • Blur- adjust the level of the blur effect on an entire window
        • Brightness – Control the intensity of the light behind the window. If the background behind the window is very bright, you can decrease the brightness intensity so that the text will be more noticeable
        • Texts now render sharper and with color, and are no longer black-or-white only
        • Lots of other under-the-hood changes and quality improvements
        • Added option "Show desktop only" - If this is enabled, only the desktop will be displayed by the effect
        • Background (the background around the texts) - added option "dark  background". it will force the background around the text to be dark.
      • Dark mode & Smart Aero
        • Massive performance boost – Up to x3 faster and smoother on Full HD resolutions!
        • Improved image recognition algorithm